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June 5, 2007
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Target Practice by LiKovacs Target Practice by LiKovacs
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Link of Ordon Village - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Taken at fanime, I love wearing this outfit a lot and I finally got some more pictures of it. But this is a really comfortable costume to wear, and I also love wearing it because of all the insane little detail work i put into it. and everything on this outfit I made from scratch, including the sandals :D
I quilted the front panel piece, and turned out awesome

The thing that makes it way more fun is the real slingshot! XD It belonged to my dad when he was a kid, but it looks just like Links so I was happy.
Fun times.

link (c) the gods (nintendo)
Made / worn by me. - first worn at AX05
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sonsofshadow303 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
hmm u havent tried doin a pic with a bow and arrow have u?
PIOPHero Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Super cute! I told my friends I can't think of Link as a man anymore. I dig Link. But you make it look so good.
twilightL1nk Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
i still personally think that you look more like the Oot Link, the twilight princess one is much different from the other Links. But either way, nice photo!
Strait-Jacket-Niko Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
wow! this looks almost exactly like the real thing!
MidnaxLink445 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
* O * oooohhhh amazinggg
Zeldafan1997 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
That tottaly rocks!
twili-child Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010  Student Artist
A M A Z I N G in starting on an ordan link cosplay im not sure why im going to do one i just want to
AnimeGang Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Wow! That's an AWESOME COSPLAY!!!!!
Insilvamerrat Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2010
aw :D
HoshiMizuki86 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
have you ever shot anyone XD?
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